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Michigan Law offers something unique.  

LLSA students succeed in the Law School and in their legal careers.

For those interested in the private sector, LLSA is committed to helping its members receive summer associate positions at top law firms around the country, routinely sending members emails with information regarding 1L/2L diversity scholarships and summer associate positions, and directly communicating with large national firms that have a commitment to hiring diverse candidates.

For those interested in the public sector, LLSA sends information to its members regarding summer opportunities with the U.S. government and NGOs that are intended for diverse candidates.

LLSA’s support and collaboration is fundamental to the success of Michigan Law's commitment to matriculate an outstanding, racially diverse student body. In the spring, please consider attending the Preview Weekend in which LLSA hosts its Juan Luis Tienda Scholarship Banquet.

If you’d like to speak directly to a member of LLSA, you can email the group at We'll be happy to answer any questions!

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